Whatever It Takes to Provide Quality Healthcare and Special Education for the Least of These!


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Welcome. This is the staging site for the most ambitious of Africa's non-governmental organizations for children with learning and developmental disabilities. We are a network of advocacy and resource development for the treatment, education and inclusion of children with learning and developmental disabilities among communities in African countries. We work with governments, institutions and public toward better budgeting, better public policy for child protection, resource development and guaranteed access to health care  and special education for the target population.

Mission Statement:

SACRED Kenya will develop and distribute sustainable resources for all children with learning and developmental disabilities in East African Community to guarantee them long-terrm access to health care and special education according to their needs.

At SACRED KENYA we recognize the need for every last child with learning and developmental disabilities to have equal opportunity to special education, adequate health care, nutrition and protection from abuse, neglect and abandonment. SACRED Kenya is a leader in child rights advocacy. We are a non-governmental organization that partners with multiple agencies in government and private sector to create an inclusive society in national development for all marginalized and disadvantaged children with special needs.

We believe that every last disabled child should have:

 1) Access to special education as a non-negotiable right.

2) Access to professional medical care and specialized therapies as non-negotiable services.

3) Access to public facilities of recreation and personal development

4) Access to basic food and adequate nutrition.

5) Freedom from child abuse, child neglect or abandonment.

6) Access to appropriate opportunities for higher education and skill-based training.

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